Jamaica Foodie & Cultural Immersion Experience!

Designed exclusively by native Jamaicans and owners of Know Jamaica Tours, Javia and Marva Shaw have put together a very special tour to make your “Yaad Food” and cultural tour experience even more personalized and filled with pleasure.

What to Expect – Konoko Falls, Ocho Rios

Although much smaller than Dunns River Falls, Konoko Falls is just as picturesque, if not more, and is so beautiful it will have you wondering if you’re drifted off into wonderland!

Konoko Falls has much activities such as:

  • Climbing the waterfall
  • Viewing of the enchanting natural gardens and landscape
  • Take a tour of the zoo and its many different animal species
  • Children may take a splash within the jacuzzi sized swimming pools
  • Guided tour through the museum of Jamaica’s first inhabitants history where you will learn about the Tainos, Spanish and Africans as well as view their artifacts

Second Experience – Exploring Downtown Ocho Rios

I’m sure your friends and family would be bummed if you didn’t take back some Jamaican goodies for them, right? This is your opportunity to grab some souvenirs!

  • Sample local produce consumed daily by us Jamaicans
  • Shop at a Jamaican craft market where you can choose from:
    • Clothing
    • Painting / Drawings
    • Trinkets / Souvenirs
    • Wood carved sculptures

Third Stop – Nyamming Time!

Of course after all this excitement you more than likely feel hungry and want to devour some real Jamaican Jerk right? We got you covered man!

Lunch options :

  • Jerked Chicken Combo
  • Jerked Pork Combo

Before booking your Know Jamaica Tour, please be advised that there is a required minimum of 4 passengers needed to proceed

Amount of Passengers Price (USD)
Adults $85 per person
Children (ages 3 – 11 years) $65 per child


Please be advised that the quoted price is inclusive of lunch, entry and your roundtrip tour.

Please take the following items along with you if so desired:

  • Sunscreen
  • Cameras
  • Towels
  • Closed toe shoes / sneakers
  • Beach Shoes (for a safer climb of the slippery falls)
  • Waterproof pockets (for phones) or Ziplock bags
  • Change of clothing (for a dry, sand free ride)
  • Small notes (in the event of tipping your attendants at various attractions)


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