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Falmouth, Puerto Seco Beach, and Columbus Park

Puerto Seco Beach is rimmed with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters which makes it not only a refreshing location, but it’s also child-friendly.

Amenities available at this beach include:

  • Water slides for kids
  • Fishing boat rentals
  • Sea bike rentals
  • Jet ski rentals

There are also attractive rustic restaurants onsite where you can go ahead and devour some of Jamaica’s most tasty cuisine while enjoying the background music for an even more serene aura.

Fun Fact

Puerto Seco Beach is located in Discovery Bay, one of the richest areas of Jamaican History as it is recorded that this is where Christopher Columbus arrived.

Columbus Park

Just minutes away from Puerto Seco Beach, you will have a chance to visit the fascinating Columbus Park outdoor museum which showcases remains of unique Jamaican artifacts important to our rich history and culture.

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