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Appleton Estate Jamaican Run TourThe Appleton Estate is nestled in the Nassau Valley which is located in Jamaica’s famous Cockpit Country – a unique and beautiful rugged terrain. The Nassau Valley’s fertile soil, afternoon rain showers, and warm sunshine present the optimum conditions for growing sugar cane.

Upon reaching the estate, the tour guides will illustrate the history of rum making in the region. After a lively discussion of the days when sugar cane was crushed by donkey power, the tours move on to a behind the scenes tour of the modern facility. After the tour, you will sample all the rum and wine they made.

On this tour, you will learn the historic production process of Appleton Estates’ Rums. You will see earlier methods used to remove juice from sugarcane, learn about the distillation process in their 200-year-old pot stills and visit one of the Estate’s barrel houses where rums age to excellence. We will provide you with roundtrip transportation from your hotels/resort to Appleton Estate location.

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