Tubing Dunns River Falls

 With so many magnificent excursions to experience on the North Coast, we could not just limit your stop to just one, your day will be filled with fun, family friendly adventures!


What to Expect at Dunn’s River

  • For Cruise Passengers – Your Know Jamaica Tour will depart 1 hour after your ship docks
  • For Resort Passengers – Your Know Jamaica Tour begins based on your request at the time of booking
  • After departing, you will have picturesque tour through Ocho Rios town where we will also make a refreshment stop at a local Patty shop where you will receive a mouth watering authentic complimentary Jamaican Patty of your choice
  • The journey continues up the mountains to Dunn’s River Falls where you can feast your eyes on the panoramic view of Ocho Rios and it’s bay, you can even take a snap of your cruise from the distance!
  • Fun filled 5 hours tour of Ocho Rios
  • Hair braiding services may be provided upon request
  • Beach chairs may also be available for rental
Dunns River Jamaica

First Excursion –

Dunn’s River Falls

Providing you with an absolutely irie vibe, Dunn’s River Falls is one of Jamaica’s national landmarks and treasures. Dunn’s River Falls is naturally grown 600ft cascading waterfall and continuously regenerates itself by the exfoliation of travertine rock.

What makes it even more special is that extra special is that it’s one of the few beaches in the world that has a waterfall flowing directly into the sea.

Talk about natural wonder!

Combined with its location close to the sea, Dunn’s River has the distinction of being the only one of this nature in the Caribbean.

Dunn’s River Falls Central Gardens

Are you taking along your little ones? Let them enjoy the mini made special for them at Central Gardens within Dunn’s River Falls where they can splash around on pads as well as enjoy the water slides! Central Gardens also has kiosks from which you can purchase ice cream, pizza and many other treats.

So come on, get to Know Jamaica with us and experience this beauty first hand!

But wait, there’s more!

Second Excursion –

White River Tubing

Jamaica may be small, but it has a great big variety of adventure-packed activities to enjoy with many natural beauties ready for exploration.

Upon arrival, your tubing guides will be ready to take you on a calming, yet exciting adventure down the river for an approximation of 45 minutes.

There may also be other water sports and activities available at your location, however, this is not included within your tour package.

Third Excursion –

Your Choice!

After you’ve experienced the Falls and the Tubing, you may choose how to end your day by either:

  • Head to another beach
  • Head back to your resort
  • Head back to your cruise
  • Have lunch at a local restaurant within Ocho Rios
  • Indulge in a local shopping spree shopping at our very own local store @kjtsouvenirs and grab your souvenirs & gifts.

Before booking your Know Jamaica Tour, please be advised that there is a required minimum of 4 passengers needed to proceed

Amount of Passengers Price (Includes All Entry Fees)
Adults $100 per person
Children (ages 3 – 11 years) $75 per child
Children (ages 0 – 2 years) FREE
From Falmouth or Montego Bay Please request a quote

Please take the following items along with you if so desired:

  • Sunscreen
  • Cameras
  • Towels
  • Beach Shoes (for a safer climb of the slippery falls)
  • Waterproof pockets (for phones) or Ziploc bags
  • Change of clothing (for a dry, sand free ride)
  • Small notes (in the event of tipping your attendants at various attractions)

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