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Bob Marley Museum

This is much more than just a museum, it is also a former residence and studio of the Reggae Legend, Bob Marley up until his passing in 1981. It was also home to Tuff Gong record label that was founded by The Wailers back in the 1970’s which is now a famous tourist attraction, museum, and shrine.

What makes it even more fun is that you may also get a chance to see one of Marley’s sons who also frequents the studio in this location!

This tour gives you the opportunity to get a personal view of Bob’s life, and the history and philosophy of his music.

Inside displays Bob’s gold and platinum records along the walls – Exodus, 1977, Uprising, 1980, and Legend, 1984.

But hey! We won’t give too much details of this tour away!


Kingston Tour

You will also see many of Marley’s prestigious awards. The most intriguing room that you will come across is Marley’s unadorned bedroom, just as he left it, with his star-shaped guitar laying by his bedside. It was also in this bedroom that a failed assassination attempt was made on the Legendary Bob Marley.


Tuff Gong Studio Tour

The Rehearsal Room, preparation and perfection of an artiste’s performance and recording is where it all begins and this is the first stop on this guided tour of Bob Marley’s very own, Tuff Gong Studio. Well supplied with stage, mics, stands and instruments including one of each of Bob Marley’s very own grand pianos, keyboard, mirrors plus seating and much more, your tour will explore this scenes history and purpose.

Along your musical tour, you will see and hear about “Ride Natty Ride” the tour transport truck bought by the Legend Bob Marley himself. You will also get to see the Artiste’s Lounge, Engineer’s Room and Recording Studio, one of the Caribbean’s largest live recording spaces.

You will also get to learn about the history and making of CD’s, their duplication and labeling for world wide distribution as you walk through one of the planet’s few remaining operational vinyl record manufacturing plants, and discover firsthand how records are made, from the original acetate disc and vinyl pebbles, to the final pressed 45 or LP.

Of course, herbs and medicinal plants have always been a great feature and importance within the Rastafari Culture so it should come as no surprise that the Tuff Gong Herbal Garden provides points of interest and suggestions on traditional uses of some of Jamaica’s plants.


Trench Town Culture Yard Museum

This was the home of a popular community leader, Vincent ‘Tata’ Ford, it is said that Vincent ‘Tata’ Ford taught Bob how to play the guitar. Ford and Marley even penned the lyrics of the famous song “No Woman No Cry”, right there in Culture Yard. Other famous hits were birthed right there. It was while living at number 6 and 8 First Street that the Wailers were formed and Bob Marley and the Wailers’ first album `Catch a Fire’ was recorded.

On this tour, you will see a rusting, old bus which was owned by Bob Marley as he left it. The tour continues through six rooms which were delicately restored but retains many original features and fittings, from “Tata” Ford’s bedroom with graffiti walls to the single bed on which Bob and Rita Marley slept.

Because Culture Yard is recognized as cultural landmark in Jamaica, the venue is available for appropriate functions such as, lectures, exhibitions and promotional launches. These can be arranged for either during or after regular opening hours.

Trench Town Culture Yard was the first inner city location to be declared a protected National Heritage on May 10, 2007. It’s worth the while if you really want to experience the true, urban Jamaica and of course the roots of Bob Marley.


National Art Gallery & Museum

Established in 1974, this is the oldest and largest public art museum Caribbean. It has a comprehensive collection of early, modern and contemporary art from Jamaica along with smaller Caribbean and international holdings. There are regular temporary exhibitions that promote various aspects of Jamaica art, from the established masters to the young and emerging artists.

There is also a gift shop which features art reproductions, books and locally made art and craft can be bought. A significant part of its collections is on permanent view.

Aside from being a tribute to Jamaica’s former leaders, it the surrounding area is a popular spot to get some mouth watering delicious boiled Crabs, sold by many vendors all year round!

Downtown Kingston Waterfront & Kingston Craft Market

This is one of the oldest areas in our Island that has a great mixture of old and new structures. Located here are museums, art galleries, great monuments and restaurants.

The view of the sea and port is picturesque, especially around the time of sunset, you can get really stunning photos and videos, you may even see local fishermen too!

Located just a few minutes of walking distance around the corner is the Kingston Craft Market where you can either walk around and look at the many different pieces our talented Jamaicans have made or you can grab some souvenirs from your exciting trip!

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