Konoko Falls

Konoko FallsThe wonderful thing about Konoko Falls is that there is so much more to see and hear about, by guided Tour other than just climbing Falls, so if you are interested in knowing more about the history of Jamaica, which includes a Museum about the Taino Indians with artifacts, maps and pictures – or if you are an avid Gardener, this is the perfect Tour for you.

At our past two Inner Peace in Paradise Yoga Retreat’s – Konoko Falls was one of the two excursions our Yogis went to and the feedback has always been very positive about the entire property including the personalized Tour.

Tour Konoko Falls

Konoko Falls and Park allows you to be one with nature and you set the pace.

You can spend the day and tour the property at your leisure or we invite you to take our guided tour of the park with one of our experienced guides. They will lead you through the River Gardens, give you a brief history of our original inhabitants – the Taino Indians, introduce you to a variety of our indigenous birds and animals and guide you up the waterfall climb.

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