Jamaican Attraction Pricing

Jamaican Attraction Pricing

Jamaica is truly a paradise on Earth with so much to do to suit your each and every need, from excursions full of thrill and adventure to scenes that are of rather more laid back, relaxing natures.

Below you will find the pricing for many of the most popular activities in Jamaica.  We do our best to keep these prices up to date!  These are not ‘our’ prices, these are the actual prices charged for admission at the various attractions in Jamaica.


Attraction Admission Price
Devon House FREE
Bob Marley Museum

$20 USD per adult

$10 per child

National Gallery  
Port Royal – Fort Charles

$15 USD per adult

$10 USD per child

Emancipation Park FREE
Hope Gardens Botanical Gardens

$15 USD (per adult)

$10 USD (children ages 3-11 years and seniors ages 65+)

FREE for children ages 0 – 3 years

Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains National Park  
Falling Edge Water Falls  
St. Ann
Mystic Mountain – Bobsledding $109 (Adults) $76 (Children ages 5-12 years)
Mystic Mountain – Sky lift and Zipline $149 (Adults) $126 (Children ages 5-12)
Mystic Mountain – Canopy Zipline $115 (Adults) $92 (children ages 5-12 years)
Mystic Mountain – Sky Lift $47 Adults, $25 (Children ages 5-12 years)

Green Grotto Caves


$20 USD (Adults)

$10 USD (children ages 4-12 years)

Rates to Jamaican Residents

J$1,000 (Adults)

J$500 (Children ages 4-12 years)


Cranbrook Flower Forest $10 USD per person
Turtle River Falls and Garden

$20 USD per person (Non-residents)

$1,500 JMD per person (locals)

Cool Blue Hole $15 USD per person
Dunns River Falls

Jamaican Residents
Adult: $1,000 JMD (with valid local ID)

Adults: $3,000 JMD (without local ID)
Child: $500 JMD

Non-Residents (visitors):
Adult: $23 USD
Child: $15 USD

Fern Gully FREE
Bob Marley Mausoleum

$25 per Adults

$18 per child ages 4 – 12 years

Konoko Falls $95
Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios

$69 USD per Adult

$45 USD (Children ages 6-11 years)

Wata Land park


Local adult rates $1200 JMD

Non-local $25 USD

Island Gully Falls $15 USD per person
Margaritaville Ocho Rios FREE

Yaaman Adventure Park


All-Inclusive – $129 USD (per adult)      

         – $79 USD (per child)

All-Inclusive & Dolphin Encounter

$200 USD (per adult)

$130 USD (per child)                    

Milk River Bath & Manatee

$15 USD per adult

$10 USD per child under 12 years

Montego Bay
Doctor’s Cave Bathing Club White Sands Beach

$6 USD (per adult)

$3 USD (per child)

Sam Sharpe Square FREE
Cinnamon Hill Great House (Home of Johnny Cash)

$25 USD (per adult)

$10 USD (per child ages 4-11 years)

Margaritaville Montego Bay FREE
Montego Bay Marine Park Trust  
Rose Hall Great House

$25 USD per adult

$10 USD per child (ages 4 – 11 years)

Aqua Sol Theme Park


$500 JMD ($5 USD) per adult

$200JMD ($2 USD) per child.

Sandals Cay Request a quote upon arrival
Fort Montego FREE
Dead End Beach FREE
Bellefield Great House (Sugar Plantation) $40 USD per person
Jamaica Land of Film Tour  
Rastafari Indigenous Village Museum $25 USD per person
Closed Harbour Beach Park / Dump Up Beach FREE
Cinnamon Hill Golf Course

Junior golf rates: children 14-15 years $49.00 per round

13 years and under $15.00 per round

Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours  
Chukka’s Ocean Outpost $169 per adult
Dolphin Cove Shark Encounter (MoBay) $59 USD per person
Dolphin Cove Montego Bay $174 USD per person
Kiteboarding Jamaica  
Chukka Caribbean Adventures – Lethe Estate (Bamboo Rafting + Liqueur Tasting + More) $89 USD per person
Chukka Caribbean Adventures – Lethe Estate – Bamboo Rafting on the Great River $55 USD per person
Original Mayfield Falls $20 USD per person
Rhodes Hall Plantation $70 USD per adult
$35 USD per child
Rick’s Cafe FREE
Mayfield Falls $20 USD per person
Blue Hole Mineral Spring $10 USD per person

Kool Runnings Water Park


$50 USD (per adult)

$32 USD (children)


$40 USD (per adult)
$30 USD (per child)

Jamwest Motorsports & Adventure Park (Home of Jamwest Speedway)

Safari + Horse Back + ATV $159 USD per person

ATV + Horse Back + Zipline $159USD per person

ATV + Zipline + Safari $159 USD per person

Roaring River and Cave  
Reggae Horseback Riding $80 USD per person
Norman Manley Sea Park Beach FREE
Croydon In The Mountains (Coffee & Pineapple Plantation)  
St. Elizabeth
YS Falls $20 USD per person
Appleton Estate Rum Experience $30 USD per person
Black River Safari / J.Charles Swaby $40 USD per person
Jamaica Zoo

$20 USD (per adult)

$10 USD (per child ages 2 – 12 years)

Lovers Leap


$300 JMD per adult

$150 JMD per child

Bubbling Spring Mineral Bath


$20 USD adults

$10 USD children.

Font Hill Beach  

Apple Valley Park


$10 USD per Adult

$7 USD (Children under 12 years)

Parottee Bay  
Breadnut Valley Falls Estate  

Reach Falls


Local prices

Adult – $500 JMD

Children $250 JMD

For non-resident visitors

$10 USD (Adults)

$5 USD (children ages 4-12 years)

Winnifred Beach $5 USD per person
Rio Grande Rafting $45 USD per person
Somerset Falls $15 USD per person
Boston Beach $3 USD per person
Frenchman’s Cove beach $10 USD per person
Nanny Falls FREE
Blue Mountains National Park


$100 JMD per adult

$50 JMD (children under 12 years)


$10 USD per Adult

$5 USD ( children under 12 years)

Blue Mountain Coffee Tour

Residents $2,800 JMD per person

Non Residents $25 USD per person

Blue Mountain Coffee Tour & Nature Walk

Residents $3,300 JMD per person

Non Residents $30 USD per person

St. Mary
Kwame Falls Admission is FREE, however, there is a cost if you need a tour guide (recommended)
Tacky Falls Admission is FREE, however, there is a cost if you need a tour guide (recommended)
St. Thomas
Reggae Falls FREE
Bath Fountain / Mineral Bath Spring  
Stokes Hall Great House  

Martha Brae Rafting Village


Burwood Beach $5 USD per person

Margaritaville, Falmouth


White River Valley  
Chukka Adventure Park & Falls at Good Hope

$169 USD per adult

$119 USD per child

Alligator Hole / Canoe Valley Wetland  
Alligator Pond Fishing Village  
St. Catherine

DaCosta Farm and Attraction

(Paintball, Fishing, Waterpark & Buggie)

$6,300 JMD per person ($51 USD)
Sugarman Beach $400 JMD per adult ($4 USD)
Fort Clarence Beach FREE
Hellshire Beach FREE

Jamaican Travel Costs

What do you think?  Not too bad right?  As you can see there is plenty to do in Jamaica for free!  The entire island is truly a paradise that we would love to show you around and make sure you get to experience everything you wanted to on your stay.

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