When Is The Best Time To Travel To Jamaica?

Jamaica Sunshine

It is hard to say there is a ‘bad’ time to visit Jamaica.  The weather is always tropical but does fluctuate throughout the year, so depending on your preference, you may enjoy Jamaica more during a cooler or warmer period.  You will find the current Jamaican weather forecast and historical averages on this page to help you decide.

Know Jamaica only wants to provide you with the most accurate and informative information about Jamaica, we do want to mention that hurricane season is a concern over the mid to late summer months.  Mid-August to mid-September is when we have the greatest chance historically, but obviously, this is unpredictable.

We live in Jamaica year round and enjoy every last second of it!

What’s the Weather Like in Jamaica?

Sunny Jamaica

The weather is always warm and the “one love in the air” is always warmer.

With temperatures that range between monthly averages of 72 and 89 degrees Fahrenheit, it would appear that there is no bad time to plan your trip. Still, the fluctuation between temperature throughout the day must be taken into consideration.

Mornings tend to be the coolest time of day, making them the best time to plan to participate in strenuous outdoor pursuits such as hiking or golf. Late morning through late afternoon experiences arise, then fall in temperature, with the peak hitting in the early afternoon.

This is the best time of day to plan an indoor activity such as a museum tour, or a water sport where the cool ocean waters will keep the heat at bay. Early evening brings cooler weather back into play.

The Current Forecast in Jamaica

 Average High and Low Temperatures by Month in Jamaica

Month High Low
January 82.0°F 72.0° F
February 82.0°F 72.0° F
March 82.0°F 73.0° F
April 85.0°F 74.0° F
May 86.0°F 75.0° F
June 82.0°F 76.0° F
July 88.0°F 77.0° F
August 89.0°F 77.0° F
September 88.0°F 76.0° F
October 87.0°F 76.0° F
Novemeber 85.0°F 75.0° F
December 83.0°F 73.0° F

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