Jamaica coping with covid-19

This has been the first time throughout most if not all of our lives we are experiencing something quite like this.
Worldwide people are in a panic mode as this pandemic steadily blows through different countries, traveling through the air with the human body being it’s vehicle and host for living.

For the first time the island of Jamaica is experiencing a void in the streets. There are no longer busy roads filled our beautiful tourists, nor the people out in the shops. We are missing the laughter of children playing in the streets and seeing them off to school.

Though this virus has destroyed several lives and families globally, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and financially
we have to stay strong.

I watch the local and international news just to stay abreast with the developing happenings as the days goes by, it tends to be very depressing but what can one do.

In my country Jamaica, our borders have been closed for some weeks now trying to control the spread of The “Corona Virus” namely the covid-19. It is a very dangerous virus though some seem to take it lightly as it silently creates havoc amongst mankind.

I, well we all should pray that this ends sooner than ever. When it ends I hope that I will be healthy and around to show our visitors to Jamaica what we have to offer.

Jamaica is filled with many natural wonders and exciting things to do:

Deep sea fishing
Quadbike rides
Private tours and a host of packaged group tours.

Jamaica awaits you all.

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