Glistening Waters Restaurant

Luminous Lagoon

Luminous Lagoon JamaicaThe Luminous Lagoon is a true natural wonder. This body of water is a lagoon by day and then glistening waters by night. The unbelievable phenomenon is a phosphorescent lagoon filled with microorganisms that glow at night, giving off a luminous effect. Trelawny and there is said to be only three of its kind in the world!

The name says it all—located off the bay of Falmouth, the site of Luminous Lagoon becomes illuminated every night seemingly by magic. But there’s no sorcery involved when it comes to this glowing turquoise hue; it’s instead millions of microorganisms called dinoflagellates.

Glistening Waters

The warm, shallow water of the lagoon makes it an ideal spot for swimming, and a boat ride through wouldn’t be complete without a stop for just that.

Swimming here is often a highlight of an excursion, as you get to paddle around in water that is shimmering in shades of bright blue all around you.

To access Luminous Lagoon, you must head to Glistening Waters Restaurant and Marina in Falmouth. From there, you’ll board a boat that takes you to the lagoon.

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